Hurt on the Job? We Can Help.

Are you searching for a Dallas spinal cord injury attorney, due to catastrophic injuries you or a family member received at a construction site or other industrial setting? Are you aware of the urgency that is usually present in beginning the process of preparing a case? Of course, the situation is completely overwhelming. You need a construction accident attorney who is committed to providing the best possible representation to every client. With The Law Office of Carmen S. Mitchell, LLP, you will have an entire law firm with that philosophy.

Carmen Mitchell, and Nolan McConville have proven histories of successfully litigating construction site and industrial injuries and fatalities.

Who is Most Affected?

Occupational injuries most often affect the 25–34 age group, followed closely by the 35–44 age group. What does this mean, from a financial perspective? A catastrophic debilitating injury at a construction site can produce unimaginable medical costs for many years to come. Moreover, the loss of a lifetime of income can have a devastating impact on a family’s plans for the future. This is often worse when the victim is so young. A construction accident attorney can help you to receive the compensation you deserve and prevent deep financial debt.

Improperly Managed Construction Sites Are Dangerous

Over the past couple of decades, there have been great strides in reducing the numbers of construction site injuries. Unfortunately, they continue to dominate all injuries in industrial settings. The possible causes of construction site injuries are innumerable, but some examples include:

  • Falls
  • Struck by falling object
  • Struck by laterally moving object or equipment
  • Impalement or penetrating injury
  • Truck or other motor vehicle accident
  • Electrocution
  • Explosions
  • Burns

Any of these can necessitate the services of a Dallas construction accident attorney. If you believe your circumstances warrant hiring an attorney, contact The Law Office of Carmen S. Mitchell, LLP to learn how we can help you. Consultations are free, and you may initiate a review of your case via our Online Case Evaluation form.

Construction Accidents & Workers' Compensation

The intersection of construction accidents and workers' compensation insurance can be confusing and can make it difficult for an injured worker to understand how they are going to be compensated for their injuries.

Workers' Compensation is basically an insurance policy that covers injuries you sustained at work. Typically, compensation you receive from being injured at work will come from your workers' compensation insurance. However, if your employer was also at fault for the injury for any reason, things can be more complex. If you feel you are getting inconsistant answers about who is responsible and how your injuries are going to be taken care of, call our experienced attorneys at 214-651-8218 for a free initial consultation today.